Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Verna May Merritt

Verna May Merritt - My Beloved Grandma

Can't help but to think of my Grandma today...what would've been her 107th birthday.  She was a huge presence in my life.  Some of my first memories are night's spent with her at her house.  Dressed in our flannel nighties we shared the same bed.  I lay awake watching her...breathing in her very distinct scent...I loved it!  

She had this wicked sense of humor, loved to play games, and was adventuresome.  She used to ride on my uncle's motorcycle with him.  My sister's and I used to purpose to aggravate her because she was so funny when she was spitting mad. Linda, Laura and I stayed with her for the better part of a month in 1977, I think it was.  We played games one right after the other for hours every day.  While playing Yahtzee we teased and bugged her mercilessly.  We had her so flustered that she picked up her freshly poured glass of milk and began shaking it as if it were the cup of dice. 

Once when Gram was in her upper 70's my sisters and I teased her about dating, telling her she needed to get herself a boyfriend.  She said she was a one man woman.  She was right.  Even though my Grandfather had been gone decades her last words were "I want my Clyde."  Oh Gram!  I love and miss you! See you again at some point   J.

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  1. You can't replace memories like those. Memories of events but especially that unique scent. Makes it sound like body odor but I remember a powdery smell, heavenly! I only had one grandparent so I was blessed to get a whopper like Gram!