Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dear Blog

Dear Blog - I haven't forsaken you. I've been very busy with preparations for the upcoming women's retreat, and the ever dreaded month end. The retreat is this weekend, and then month end so by the following weekend I should be able to catch up and post pictures of the church picnic, the retreat, etc. Oh wait...we are going to be out of town visiting dear friends(SO excited!) I will do my best to get something posted in between things...but you must remember that you, dear blog, are supposed to be a record of sorts, of what is going on in our don't be offended when we are off living our lives. ;)

I love you, dear blog, and when things slow down a bit I will fill your pages with lovely pictures and stories. I will leave you with this:

I'm trying to convince my parents that they each should get a blog, a place to record all the history, the stories, the lessons, and so forth that they have collected over the 80ish years they have lived. I think my Mom is convinced. My Dad probably would enjoy it but I think he is apprehensive about the technology part(a legitimate concern)I'm hoping he will come around though. Stay tuned...I will let you know if they do it.


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