Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hodge Podge

While laying in bed waking up Tuesday morning, I had the first twinges...and I knew.  Then later in the day when my urine was the color of cola it was cemented...I have a kidney infection.  At the walk-in on Wednesday I had to have an xray to determine if it was stones or just the infection.  This is the 2nd one this year.  sigh!  Side note:  It's a good thing I'm not a drug-addict!  The Dr. asked me what my pain level was on the scale of 1 - 10.  My answer was 4.  She you want a shot of Toradol?  Really???  I wonder what she would've offered me if my pain was at an 8.  

With an RX of anti-biotic I went back to work.  As the day progressed I began to feel dizzy...and by bedtime I had a pretty bad earache, swollen throbbing gland in my throat, and pain in my face, neck, and upper back.  I've been fighting off a very mild cold for a week or so now.  But...wham!  Full blown!  

All that said I am home from work rest and give my body a chance to regroup and get my immune system to kick in.  

The Baby will be coming at the latest on Monday.  :)  What a blessing!  So watch for pics that will be posted either late Monday or early Tuesday...depending on her arrival.  Whoo Hoo!!!

We are getting excited for the holidays, and our trip to Vegas.  Ah so many good things to come!  J.

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  1. So sorry you're not feeling well! You'll be in my prayers for a speedy recovery so you'll be ready to greet that new grandchild! How exciting!